Handmade Orecchiette (“Ears”) Pasta

Jun 8th

Easy, fun, good for motor skills and very inexpensive! Make our own Italian pasta – taught to us by Nonna :)

(Nut Free, Vegan)


  • 4 cups semolina flour (more for rolling – if needed)
  • 1 cup (boiling) hot water

Tools Needed:

  • Measuring cup
  • Medium bowl
  • Small blunt rounded knives/spreaders
  • Spoons & spatula
  • Wax paper

Be safe! Keep little hands away from all sharp objects, like the food processor blade, and HOT liquids – like the boiling water.

Step 1: Put semolina flour in bowl and pour in hot water. Carefully mix with spoon.
Step 2: When cooled enough, mix thoroughly with hands and divide into 4 balls.
Step 3: Each kid rolls their ball of dough into 1-inch thick long (snake-like) tubes.
Step 4: Cut into 1-inch pieces and roll into balls. Use flat side of the knife to flatten each ball and then use thumb to flip the flattened ball inside out. Place on wax paper.
Step 5: When all of the dough is gone, let dry on wax paper for at least an hour before putting in a plastic bag. Freeze if you’re not going to eat it right away.

Try with our delicious Pea Pesto!

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