Sneaky Mama Trick #2: Put vitamins in a smoothie!

Sep 3rd

There are lots of great tablet and chewable vitamins out there, but if they’re not gummy or covered in sugar then chances are our kids won’t eat them. And what about for our babies and younger children? Liquid and powdered vitamins are great, but don’t always mix well or taste very good…

So our sneaky trick this week: Sneak good vitamins into a smoothie! Who doesn’t like a delicious smoothie? Check out Mama’s favorite vitamins below, AND our special Everyday Smoothie recipes!

My favorite vitamins to put into smoothies:

Multi-vitamin ages 6 month – 4 years – read dosage instructions!

Baby DHA – VERY important for brain development, heart function and helps ward off allergies – plus makes hair and skin radiant! Read dosage instructions!

Elderberry is great for boosting immune systems – and it will turn your smoothie a nice shade of pink :)

Also great for immunity and digestive health: Probiotics and Colostrum. Tasteless powder. Keep refrigerated!

Red & Green powders for the pickiest of eaters! Get essential vitamins and minerals from yummy fruits and veggies in just a teaspoon of each of these!

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