Sneaky Mama Trick # 4: Look for Hidden Ingredients

Sep 26th
mini pancakes 2

We’re all being duped! It’s a fact. Product manufacturers stretch the truth and put a spin on what they’re selling so that they can SELL their product. So it’s up to us savvy mamas to read our labels and figure out the truth.

Here’s a recent example… I love making gluten free pancakes with caoco chips and fruit for my little ones. I usually use a store bought mix, then add in healthy stuff like ground flax and chia, coconut oil, and Paleo Reds. But the base for my pancakes is made by someone else. There are lots of gluten free options now. Some are good, some not so good. And most are very expensive $$$ compared to their wheat/gluten-filled friends.

I know, its hard to keep track – what’s the difference between ‘organic’ and ‘all natural’? Isn’t all gluten free the same?

Check out these two ‘All Natural’ gluten free pancake mixes:

Bob’s Red Mill vs. Maple Grove Farms

bobsgluten freemaple grove

They are about the same price per pound: ~$6. BUT, if you look at their ingredients… which would you buy?


bobs ingredients

Maple Grove:

maple grove ingredients

Always look at the first ingredient, because that’s the main component. In this case, Maple Grove Farms wins! Rice flour is healthier than potato starch. 1 point for Maple Grove…

But both contain nasty stuff like dextrose (Maple Grove) and corn starch (both), and Bob’s is made in a facility with tree nuts, so if your child has a nut allergy, Bob’s is out.

Remember, these products are ‘All Natural’, not ‘Organic’. Personally, I would not use either of these. But for the sake of finding a good gluten-free mix, that is less than $6 per lb, the best option is Maple Grove Farms.

The old saying goes: Give your children a fish, they’ll eat for a day. Teach your children to fish, they’ll eat for a lifetime.

Mama’s saying goes: Give your children healthy food, they’ll feel good that day. TEACH your children to cook healthy food, and they’ll feel good for a lifetime.

So, what do I use? The best mix I’ve found is Pamela’s Baking & Pancake Mix. You can buy it in bulk on Amazon, and its a little cheaper than buying it in the store. Happy cookin’!


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