Sneaky Mama Trick #5: Save $, Use Leftovers

Oct 16th

If you’re anything like me, I love watching cooking shows! But I have a major ‘beef’ with the shows that try to save you $$ by using inexpensive ingredients, and making larger portions. Typically they forget to add in the costs of seasoning, cooking oils, etc. and the ingredients are not organic.

When cooking for kiddies, you have to get creative in how you use leftovers – or take an ingredient and make it stretch into multiple meals. For example, we use leftover Chinese food to make stir fry… or you could use leftover cooked veggies to toss with pasta. Last week we had a lot of leftover pineapple, and some extra rice, so I made Thai flavored rice with pan-seared pineapple. It was delicious, and the kiddies loved it.

Check out my recent blog post on 10 ways to use leftover apples from your Fall apple-picking adventures!


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