Sneaky Mama Trick # 7: Make it CHOCOLATE!

Mar 4th

90% of the kids I’ve cooked with LOVE chocolate… and frankly so do I. But as we know, many chocolately items are packed with sugar and will make our kiddies go a little cuckoo! My rock star holistic nutritionist (Sally Kravich) recommended the Macro Greens Coco powder to add to my kids smoothies in the morning… and oh boy oh boy… they LOVE it! The best part? The powder is made out of carrots, raspberries, spinach, beets, parsley, flax, apple, watercress, acerola berries and barley grass!

In addition to using this powder in my Coco Banana Shakes, I put it in everything: Banana Ice Cream, muffins (like Sally’s Morning Oat Muffins), pancakes, French Toast Muffins, Granola Bars (no bake)… the list goes on!

Just 1 scoop give your kids all of the super-food vitamins and minerals they need, as well as non-dairy probiotics, heathy enzymes and lots of fiber! Its truly an amazing blend. Here’s a link to buy it on Amazon:

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